Securing Data In Cloud Based Applications

Email is essential to operating in daily life. People of all ages don’t rely on a single email any longer – they have emails for work, school, personal relationships, families, friends, etc. With email being so critical in how we function in today’s modern world, doesn’t it make sense that you would need access to it from virtually any location?

Cloud email applications, accessed online, mean you don’t need to download software or even have your own capable email server. The application handles those aspects for you while allowing you to have email access through most devices, and typically always through a browser. This means you can always stay connected, which is fundamentally important.

There are many free web-based cloud email applications out there, but does free mean it’s not as good as the paid services? There are pros and cons to the free options, but after weighing them, here are the best options for paid and free cloud email applications.


Tutonota has a lot of things going for it, like search functionality and expansions, but one of the best aspects of this software is its security. The emails between Tutanota accounts are encrypted automatically using a key that is locally created on your device. This means that absolutely no one, not even the Tutanota support staff, can access your email communications.

That alone is pretty important in today’s world where hackers are constantly on the lookout for an opening into your email. There is a free email plan as well as two paid options, which expand on your capabilities (like customizing domains, adding inbox rules, expanding search options, and email support). It also allows you to create email aliases, which you can turn on and off. This is a cool feature in case you want to use an email for signing up for contests or something where you expect to get a lot of spam in return.


It’s used around the world, and with good reason. It’s a simple, functionally intuitive, integrated email service. Google has expanded their arsenal with Chrome, which has instant access to your Gmail. So, while you’re searching using Chrome, you can also get into your Gmail quickly.

Google has done well for itself by combining its products seamlessly, which makes it infinitely easier for you to get what you need at any point of day, regardless of location. With Gmail, you can customize your inbox, install add-ons that alter your inbox’s capabilities (like added security features or new business features), and integrate your email with Evernote and Dropbox.

With the free option, you also get a whopping 15GB of storage between shared Google services. If that’s not enough, you can upgrade for a price. For a free service, though, Gmail really has lots of great features and plenty of storage for the average person.