7 Best Free Email Providers from Around the World

Not only does everyone need an email address in today’s modern world, but more than likely, you need several. There’s professional emails associated with your business, personal emails you use to contact friends and family, school emails that are specific to your education, and many more.

With something so necessarily for your daily living situation, why would you ever want to pay for it? That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best free email providers from around the world for your consideration, so you can get the best without even having to pay for it.

1)   GMAIL

It’s fast, it’s versatile, and it’s already connected to apps and various online functions. It has a native file collaboration, so while you’re searching, you can easily jump right into your Gmail account. There are also a lot of communication options that don’t directly involve your email account, so it’s like you’re getting more functionality.


This service has multiple app integrations, so if you use a variety of platforms to connect to people, this may be one of the best free email providers for you to choose. It has a calendar and message filter, and it’s easy to link your account to things like Facebook and PayPal.


Have you ever emailed an attachment and then thought, “I’ve lost the file on my machine! How can I get it back?” Yahoo! Mail is one of the best free email providers thanks to its media and attachment history. You can much more efficiently track things down in this webmail service and if you’re always sending attachments, then this may be a good choice for you.

4)   AOL

This service may seem dated, but with unlimited storage, it’s absolutely worth checking out. You can check out their news homepage as you’re accessing your email, so it keeps you connected with current events as well. Plus, instant messages! Who doesn’t remember those?


Need custom domain names to make your email more professional or tailored? will give you up to 200 custom domain names. This is a great option for small businesses that want to give the impression that they are an internet juggernaut.

6)   ZOHO

This webmail service offers up to 25 business addresses, which is perfect for startup companies and other small businesses. It’s user-friendly, hooks up with Google Drive and other cloud services pretty seamlessly, and you can customize your domain to match your business site. That kind of professional versatility for free is amazing.


If you’re like most of the planet, and you’ve gotten caught up in the Mac phenomenon in some way, then it only makes sense to take a look at the iCloud Mail free email provider service. One cool thing about it is that it can label senders as VIPs, and you’re also able to easily sync up your photos, files, and more. If you are already using an Apple device, then it’s pretty easy to get up to speed one of the best free email providers.