Are temporary emails safe?

Understanding the world of temp emails

Are Temporary Emails Safe?

Whether you're just discovering the concept of temporary emails, or you want to find out about them, this article has got you covered. We’ll go over whether temporary emails are safe or not and also guide you on how to create a temporary email, and show you some of its pros and cons.


What is a Temporary Email?

As its name implies, a temporary email is a type of email that is not meant to last for long. It is designed to self-destruct after a designated period has been exhausted.

A temporary email address allows you receive an email in a short-term email address if you do not want to use your personal email. Temporary email is also called temp email, disposable email, 30minutemail, fake mailbox, and throwaway email.

While using the web, you may be required to provide an email by many websites, or blogs to engage in their content, write comments, or purchase a product. This is where a temporary email should come in.

Using a temporary email will help you avoid spam and unnecessary junk mail from cluttering your main email account. It also keeps you safe from scams and online hackers.


Why Do People Use Temporary Emails?

  • People use temporary emails for many reasons. But the most common reason is to avoid spam messages. Spam or unsolicited messages are usually promotional emails from companies, or websites, that are not usually relevant.
  • Registering with a temporary email address allows you to use a valid address, and helps to avoid such spam messages.
  • People also use temp mails to protect their identity. Temp mails allow for anonymity since you do not need to register with personal information.
  • In case your personal information was sold or used illegally, you can use a temp mail to investigate and find out the culprits.


Are Temporary Emails Safe?

In most cases they are safe. But they can be unsafe too.

Temporary emails serve various purposes to different people and businesses. But temporary emails may not serve you well if you do not create them from a trusted site (like Mailpoof) or know how to use them.

Also, there is a risk of email address duplication. This means that you can have the same temporary email address as someone else. This means that there could be no privacy. It is advised to create temporary emails for information that is not sensitive or personal. Only use your personal email address to receive personal information.


How Long Do Temporary Emails Last For?

Temporary emails are designed to be short-lived. They could last for a few hours to a few days, depending on the temp mail service you registered.

Temp emails are made for only receiving emails, not sending. Also, you can not attach any documents. The features make temporary emails secure


Are Temporary Emails Legal?

Yes, temporary emails are legal. The use of disposable emails is not an illegal practice, as many countries of the world approve of its use. Many people use temporary emails to secure their personal information and avoid spam. This is one way to solve the problem of receiving unsolicited messages from websites.

Temporary email addresses that are suspected of suspicious activities are being disposed of immediately.


How Does Temporary Email Work?

Temporary emails work just like regular emails; you create an email address with a username and you can receive emails. There are, however, notable differences you need to know before creating and using a temporary email.

  • In creating a regular email, you need to provide your personal information like your name, phone number, date of birth, gender, and country of origin. The registration process is also long. While a temporary email does not require any personal information, and registration is quick and easy.
  • Temporary emails are designed to auto-delete emails and accounts after a period. Its deletion process is also quick and easy. While regular emails do not auto-delete emails. Deleting your regular email account requires processes.
  • Temporary emails do not require Captcha verification. While it is mandatory to verify Captcha for regular emails.
  • There is a limit to the number of accounts you can create for regular emails. But for temporary emails, the number of accounts is limitless.
  • With a temporary email address, there is little chance of hacking or access to any personal data. While a regular email can be easily hacked, especially if the account is not well secured.

To really understand how temporary emails work, we have to know how to create and use one.


How To Create A Temporary Email Address

The following steps will guide you on how to create a temporary address:

1. Find a Temporary Email Service Provider

There are many temp email address providers on the internet. All you have to do is find a reliable one. All the providers are web-based, and you will have to create your temp email address on the web. You will need to create, copy and check out all your emails through your preferred provider's site.

This works the same way as regular email providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. A good temp email service provider is important for you to keep in touch with your temporary email. Also, you should be able to access your messages in case you need them.

To easily access your temporary emails, you can save the web address of the provider as a bookmark or a browser extension.

2. Create a temporary email address

This is an easy step. All you have to do is decide on a reliable service to make a temp email. Mailpoof is your best bet. We make it very easy to create a temp email at any time. We also allow you to use any username of your choice and change it anytime you like. All you have to do is visit our website, type in your username of choice and click on the "create an email address" button. Viola! Your temporary email is ready to use.

3. Try Out Your New Temporary Email Address

After creating your temp mail, you will need to check it out. This part is also easy. When you come across any website or blog that requires an email address, simply fill your temp mail in the email box. You should be able to receive messages through your new temp email.

4. Anticipate New Incoming Emails

Temp mail address helps you receive emails that you don't want in your personal email box. In case you need to still check out the spam for emails you consider necessary, you can go to the provider's website. If not, then you can soil the checking part. Most providers terminate temp mails after a few days, while others like Mailpoof, terminate within 24 hours.

The duration of your temporary email depends on the provider you choose and how important the spam emails are to you. If you don't care for the spam messages, you can opt for providers that terminate your address in a day or two. But if you still want your spam emails, then you should go got providers that offer a longer duration time.

5. Disposing of Your Temporary Email

Basically, temporary emails aren't meant to last long. And they should be gotten rid of when they've served their purpose.

Most providers automatically dispose of temporary emails within a specific time. While others allow you to do the disposing yourself, at the time you want. Either way, it is necessary to discard the temporary email and get rid of all those spam messages for good.


Pros and Cons of Using Temporary Emails

Like every other web service, temporary email has its pros and cons. You can enjoy its benefits while taking measures to manage the risks that come with using temporary emails. It would be best if you check out the bad and good sides, to see if creating a temporary email is worth it.


The Pros

Receiving Spam and Unsolicited Messages

This is one of the biggest benefits of using temporary emails. Spam messages can be annoying and create unnecessary clutter in your email box.These junk mails can even cause you to overlook important and sensitive emails. This is why cleaning out your mailbox is important. Using temporary emails helps to get this job done.

Provides Anonymity

Temporary emails do not need any personal data from you. So you can go incognito and still write that comment or download that cookie recipe from a blog or website.This advantage is pretty important. Being anonymous saves you from hackers and people who want to steal your information or digital property.

Has No Cost

Temporary emails are mostly free to create and use. Although regular emails are also free, you get to enjoy extra free benefits while using temporary emails.

Most temp mail providers like Mail poof and faker mail, do not require any form of cost. So, if you come across any, demanding your credit card details, then it may be a scam.

Does Not Require Registration

Creating a regular email requires you to register by inputting your personal data. The procedures can also be long and exhausting. But in generating a temporary email, you do not need to register or input any information. So it is quick easy and efficient.

Allows You to Create an Unlimited Number of Email Addresses

You do not need to worry when creating many temporary emails. You can make as many as you want, to use for any website, blog, or social media of your choice.

Does Not Require Password

These days we have many personal accounts that require passwords for security. One good thing with temporary emails is that you do not need to create any password for any account. So, you do not need to bother with keeping and remembering passwords.


The Cons

Email Duration

The deletion feature of the temporary email address after a period may be a merit for some users and a demerit for others.

While some providers allow you to have your temporary email address for as long as you wish, others are programmed to delete addresses after a period. If you do not care much for your spam email, then this may not be a con. But if you need to get essential information, then it'll be best to use your regular email.

Can Be Potentially Unsafe

Temporary emails should be created to accommodate emails that are of little or no use. It should not be used to receive sensitive information. This is because there is a possibility of creating identical usernames for different individuals. So, your privacy can be breached.

There is also a chance of a third party correctly guessing your email address and using it to access your account without your knowledge.  This is because temporary emails are passwordless—so, less security.

Temporary Email Has A Bad Name

Many companies and business personnel require your email because it is a unique channel through which they can formally connect to you. Perhaps you need quick access to a business website, but you use a temporary email to get access. If they perceive that it is a fake email, you may be blacklisted and removed from their list.

Many people do not trust temporary emails as they think it is used for malicious intentions. So, using one may not get you what you need from the website or blog. But this does not mean that there aren't platforms where you can use temporary emails.

How to Keep Your Email Safe

Below are some tips to safely use temporary email and help keep your personal email safe. Let’s look at them:

  • Do not use temporary email to receive sensitive and personal emails. Instead, use a secure regular email address.
  • Make sure to find a reliable temporary service provider.
  • Ensure to only use temporary email providers like Mailpoof. We safely dispose of your email address after 24 hours. If you need a long-term email, consider using a regular email with a filter.
  • Select an uncommon username, to prevent duplication.



The question, "are temporary emails safe?" is probably one of the most common questions about temporary emails. The simple answer is yes. But they only become unsafe when you use your personal data. This is why it is best not to share sensitive information using temporary emails.

Temporary emails are used instead of personal emails to receive spam and junk emails. They help to filter out unnecessary, promotional emails. Temporary emails are mostly free, short-lived, and allow you to use them while being anonymous.

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