Gmail vs Yahoo vs Outlook - Which Provider Wins The Email Race?

Arguably the three most-used email providers available online today, which of these three juggernauts is really the best? Well, it really depends on if you’re getting everything out of these email providers that you can, or if you’re just using free options and the bare minimum features. It also depends if you’re using it for business or personal, day-to-day emailing.

For all intents and purposes, let’s imagine that you’re using these email providers to their fullest, regardless of cost, and that you’re using it for both business and personal needs. Here are the top marks we’re giving to each email provider. The providers were ranked on a scale of 1-10, which 10 being the best. Categories for scoring included usability, functionality, layout, prioritization, customization, paid features, and ad space.


Gmail can integrate pretty seamlessly with other Google services and products, including Google Drive and Chrome. It’s a convenient email provider, has tons of add-ins, more than 50 keyboard shortcuts, and many personalizing features. Users can link other owned email accounts to their Gmail so they can send email from those accounts using Gmail as a platform.

The ability to prioritize and filter emails is also useful. In short, this is pretty much the standard for email providers these days. It’s not perfect, though, since it offers Labels instead of folders for organizing, and you are going to get targeted adds pretty much constantly while using it.

Rating – 9 out of 10


Microsoft just seems to dominate software, but how does their email provider compete in today’s entitled marketplace? The ability to access messages in a very structured environment is great, since people who handle a flood of emails daily need help prioritizing messages. Keyboard shortcuts are also available, which cuts down on the complex site maneuvering.

It integrates nicely with other Microsoft products, and the linked calendar will help keep you up to date. As a mainstay for office personnel, it’s incredibly versatile, and helpful for those who also use Microsoft Exchange, and the interface seems much more designed for a workplace environment. This is what scores most of the points for Outlook.

Rating – 8 out of 10


Basic functionality is key and you’ll retain your sent email for a very long time. Deleted emails, however, seem to vanish pretty quickly, so if you were hoping to recover an email from a couple months ago you’re out of luck (unless you archived it, but who archives random emails?).

A big plus with Yahoo is that all emails are 100% encrypted and their storage of up to 1TB is impressive. The ad-free option helps keep this email provider as a competitor, but it doesn’t have all of the features that serious users are going to come to expect. If they offered more add-ins and had better integration with other products, this would score a lot higher.

Rating – 7 out of 10