Adding Your Personal Bitmoji To Your Emails

Emojis are very popular these days. They allow users to express themselves better rather than typing a bunch of words. However, they are not personal. You are using a different character to convey your message. With Bitmoji, on the other hand, you can create something that reflects your personality. You can even come up with one that almost looks like you since the app enables you to design a caricature in any way you want it to look like. Plus, it still has the appeal and expressiveness of an emoji.

Once you have created a cartoon version of yourself, you can utilize it not only on social media but also on emails. It is Chrome-friendly, so if you have a Gmail account, you can add flavor to your messages with a cute character depicting yourself. You can also utilize it on Yahoo as well as Outlook.

Here is how you can add your personal Bitmoji when communicating via email:


To send your Bitmoji character via email using an Android device, the Bitmoji Android keyboard should already be installed. Start by opening your email app like you would if you want to compose a new message. In the TO field, enter the email address of the recipient and phrase that you want in the SUBJECT line.

Next, pull down the Bitmoji keyboard icon bar at the top-left corner of your device's screen. Tap "Choose Input Method" and then select "Bitmoji Keyboard". You will then see your cartoon version in various scenes, so all you need to do is to pick something that you want to send to whoever you are sending the email to.

To add the character to your email, just tap the Bitmoji, and it will be pasted in your email message. You also have the option to type additional texts within the box.

Once you are all done with your message, complete the action by clicking on SEND.

iPhone or iPad

Adding your personal Bitmoji to your email using an iPhone or iPad is a little bit different from that of an Android device. First, you have to go to the Bitmoji app in order for you to see the characters that you have created. Browse the categories and choose one that you want to send.

Tap the Mail app in the pop-up, and that should direct you to compose a new email message. It will also paste the Bitmoji character that you have selected.

Just like when creating a regular email, you need to add the recipient's contact details as well as the subject for your message. In the box, you can type any message that you wish to go along with the Bitmoji. Once you are through, you can press SEND, and your email shall be on its way to the receiver's email account.

Adding your cartoon version to your emails is fairly simple, regardless if you are using an Android or iOS device. It is up to you to make your character more exciting and expressive. Just use your creativity!